Car-free Poitiers

Recently revamped centre of Poitiers

Poitiers has always been one of my favourite cities in France, and not just because I live nearby. It’s a university city, which means it’s full of energy and life; it’s situated on a mount and it has some great little streets, historical buildings and restaurants; and of course, it’s not too bad for shopping either.

Now, though, the city’s main square has had a fairly lengthy revamp and it’s now also car free. The picture shows the newly finished square, with a cleaned up Hotel de Ville too.

It really feels impressive to walk around it now. And I’m betting the waiters – who used to have to cross a busy road with meals on trays to get to the tables on the square – are relieved they no longer need to dodge drivers to serve their customers.

Sadly, all the trees that surrounded the square before have now gone, along with the well manicured floral arrangements, which has left it looking just a little bereft of greenery.


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